6  Benefits of Metal Wall Art You Didn’t Know

Metal is the in the top list of decoration materials in 21st century. Apart from its common industrial use, metal turned into a popular modern design element. Today we can see sculptures, paintings and many more made of metal representing contemporary art in the most respected modern art galleries. Metal has numbers of benefits both artistically and organically.


#1 Positivity

Concrete is surely a must in today’s world when we take the construction speed and need of the increasing urban sites into consideration. Even though we try our best to turn concrete into a cuter, warmer element it does not always work for us. Painting the walls or using wallpaper break the cold effect of concrete at some degree but we still need one more thing to call a place “ours”. Wall decor concept comes in handy at this point for one last touch. By that means, a new era in wall decor is now on air; organic materials. Finally, people changed their old school artistic point of views on choosing wall art and began to look for more modern pieces. Metal presents its characteristic features in wall art as well as any other subject it touches. The cold, dark, numb concrete, which is most of the walls, softens and owns character with metal.


#2 Flexible Design Concepts

Metal is a flexible decoration option, we don’t mean you can bend it in and out. What we mean is that you can use metal décor in various interior and outdoor design concepts such as; contemporary and abstract design, high-tech or futuristic design, Scandinavian design, industrial design, vintage design and rustic design. See, no need to worry if your furnishing style is suitable for metal decoration or not. There are various colours and concepts in metal wall art that is suitable for your existing furnishing style.


#3 Durability and Adaptability

Durability and adaptability of metal lets you have your decoration objects for decades, if you wish. Unlike other materials, metal stays new and durable for decades, in addition to this, its surface also enables you to change colours with a simple spray paint effect whenever you want change. If you are using the object outdoors, all you need to do is to cover metal with a water-proof layer coat to prevent rust.


#4 Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Synthetic and plastic materials are losing their trend each day, as we started to understand its costs to human’s health and to nature. Most architectural design innovations are now focusing on organic elements and minerals. Wood and metal are the most preferred of those as they reflect the organic features of nature in urban spaces. Unlike plastic, metal art can be created from a recycled object as well as it can be recycled for another use. This creates a huge positive impact on ecology and makes one feel better for choosing such way in their decoration.


#5 Customisable

Most metal art comes in 3D form, which lets you add some personal touches. We do not recommend you to put heavy items on your wall art but you can always personalise it with colourful ribbons or small notes. For example, if you bought a metal world map, you could stick little magnetic pins on approximate locations you have visited. Just saying! ;)


#6 Uniqueness

Metal wall art is usually produced on demand and except for some trendy models there are boutique producers that come with unique designs. They are easy to find online with a little search. Plus, most of these producers offer custom designs for their customers by which you can decide the colour, size and the details of your dream wall art.